Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Putting My Finger in the Dam

So far I'm holding depression at bay, thanks to several people in several different ways. I've also found that anger is a good way to fight depression, because there's no room for apathy. But I don't recommend it (anger nor apathy). But then again, a little apathy is good now and then; sometimes the problem in depression is taking (the dark things in) life too seriously. But then again, anger is the opposite of apathy, and sometimes that can give meaning to what seems otherwise vacuous.

lol. I sound half-baked, don't I?


laura said...

Come from the reigning queen of anger, I'd have to disagree on it being a good tool to fight off depression. I know (at least for me) that there is a high I get off of justified anger. I know that for at least a bit it will put things in some bizzare structure. Like, "that person pissed me off. I'm gonna kick their ass, because there is no other way of dealing with this right now."
I've always wanted to be in some cat-fight with someone. Except I figured I'd always be the one that would get my butt kicked.
I can always dream, can't I?

Rachael said...

Well I did say I don't recommend it. You may not be depressed while angry but you'll run into a whole slew of other problems. Maybe it isn't a "good" way to staveoffdepression, but it is an effective one, at least to a point. If depression is characterized by apathy, anger is incompatible with it.