Sunday, July 24, 2005

Done and Disgruntled

I finished Harry Potter on Friday morning and I've been stuck in "post-book-let-down" ever since. Can't pick up another book. I'll have to choose another novel and force myself to read until the story pulls me in. I couldn't read non-fiction now if I tried.

So my final opinion of the book is much better than my initial expectations. As always, J.K. Rowling packs a punch of a story. I even fell into a few minor personal epiphanies along the way.

I won't say much else, so as not to spoil it for everybody else. But it's good and I don't know if I can wait two more years to find out what happens next.

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laura said...

I'm terrible at reading just one book at a time. I have this thing where I buy a book (or am given one as a gift) and think "oh great! can't wait to read it!" Then somehow, I loose the book, either metaphorically or literaly. One book though that has stood the test of (my) time is "Jane Eyre". I'm not one for gooey romance, but this one is definitely worht it.