Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"The Dark Half"? Not Here

I've just finished Stephen King's On Writing and am eager to write fiction.
Part memoir, part instruction manual, often reminiscent of a personal letter, this book is the most helpful one "on writing" that I have read. King is practical, encouraging and friendly in a candid way which surprised me and bordered on downright vulnerability. I have never read one of his stories. I yet may. But whether I like his novels or find they just aren't up my alley, I wager I will retain a certain respect for the works, as the author retains respect for his craft, and respect for his readers, and respect for serious pursuers of writing.

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Michael Ciani said...

You aren't the first person to recommend this book. My friend Laura told me like two years ago that I just HAD to read it, and she's not even a writer. I moved it West with me, so I'll try to read it in 2006. :)
Miss you!