Tuesday, May 16, 2006

River Bank Run

This past Saturday, on Scott's 36th(!) birthday, he and our two oldest boys ran the 5k River Bank Run, downtown.

Scott made it out, but not ahead of Marshall or Micah, who have been running consistently for a month. Marshall came in at 26:23 and Micah at 27:50, Scott at 28:48.

After the race, Micah said to me, "We should train and do races as a family."

I don't know about the future. But I do know that if I'd attempted a three and a half mile run on Saturday, my chances of being alive to write this were very slim.

In other news, a group of North Hills Classical Academy parents have decided to pull out and start our own school next year. I'm on the curriculum committee and have been swamped with reading. I've also felt ill. I have so much to do and so little energy or motivation. So that's why the lack of writing here (I have been writing, but not for the blog).

Be well. I'll be back, perhaps, but I don't know how soon.


Ron said...

Wow...a family of runners! Tell Scott, Marshall, and Micah congratulations on the race, and a happy birthday to Scott.

Good luck with the school. We can compare notes sometime if you'd like. Our group just went back through a vision building time and now we're ready to really start the fundraising part. I'm heading up the fundraising committee and Melissa is on the curriculum committee.

Rachael said...

Half a family of runners, anyway. I'll have to email Melissa re: curriculum; we need all the input we can get!

Scott's going to be in St. Louis next week for work, so hopefully you'll get a chance to catch up, in person.

Michael Ciani said...

So speaking of running...I am training for a marathon. Seriously. 11/26 in Florence, Italy. And trust me, if I can do this, anyone can do this!

I tried to call last night but it just rang and rang with no answer. :(

Rachael said...

Are you aware that a marathon is 26 miles?


Michael Ciani said...

Yes, but 26.2 miles isn't as bad as 27. Or 28. And it's in FLORENCE!