Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Fruit of our Labor

Trinitas Classical School is now online! Check out our website


Roo said...

Hey Rach,

Great stuff! Looks good. Beginning of a busy day, hope it's ok to point at a random bit - the footer says the website is a .org, whereas the address is .com. If you want to be found clearly in the Search Engines it would be good to have one site, and encourage people to link to that one site.

My two pennies worth :)

Michael Ciani said...

Congrats! Looks like a ton of thought and planning has gone into this. No summer break for you this year, eh? :) So all the boys are going except for Marshall, right?

Ron said...

Holy Cow - You guys work fast! How in the world did you all get everything set up so quickly?


Rachael said...

Andrew: Thanks. I'll let the proper authorities know...

Michael: Thanks! Now let's see if I can switch gears and plan the next year of homeschool with Marshall. Micah and Eliot will be attending.

Ron: Yes, I've been surprised myself at how fast things moved along. But we had to move fast to have a school this fall. This group of parents includes all of the former board members of North Hills Classical Academy (they resigned over the conflict last spring), so we had a unique group of talent and know-how. Everyone in the group (besides me) is an over-achiever. They are amazing people, really.