Friday, September 30, 2005

Child Psychology

Marshall (11), and Micah (9) were chatting it up in the back seat on our way home from school Tuesday.

Marshall: Hey Micah, you know how people who are really good with kids always try to get you to repeat something louder... like, "I can't heeeaaarr you!"

Micah: Yeah.

Marshall: I hate that.

Micah: Me too.


laura said...

LOL. You're kids crack me up!

Rachael said...

Laura: I thought you might appreciate that one.

Here's another one you'll like that just happened five minutes ago:

Sometimes I buy cheese made from raw milk at the farm where I also buy my milk and eggs. It smells very... strong.

I haven't been to the farm in a while, so I've got some romano cheese (from the store) in my fridge and I grated some over Eliot's pasta for lunch today when he got home from kindergarten. He came in the kitchen a few minutes later and asked if he could have a slice of cheese plain.

Me: Oh, you like that kind of cheese?

Eliot: Yeah. At least it's not the fart kind.

laura said...
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laura said...


Your kids are too much!

Can I adopt them for like a weekend sometime? My place is child friendly. :-)