Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I'm painfully aware that I am very behind in my correspondence. I hope to get to most of your emails in the next day or two but I thought I'd give a short update here for now.

The boys are back at it and enjoying it. Marshall is in 6th grade this year and relishes his position as "Upperclassman" at his K-6 school. He told me he was really looking forward to getting to know the new Kindergarten class. "They're so cute," he said.

Micah is in fourth grade and enjoying his 7:3 boy to girl ratio (in a few more years those 7 boys will be wishing that ratio were inverted).

Eliot began Kindergarten this year. He's always been a little hesitant going into organized social situations. But on his first day, while we were getting Ethan and supplies out of the car, he ran off without us. I looked for him and heard, "Mommy! Mommy! Good bye!". He was already disappearing through the double doors of the school, waving cheerily. The other day at a gas station Scott told him he could buy mints with his own money and when I turned around he was up at the counter getting change from the attendant. I guess Eliot decided he's ready to grow up.

Current Reading:

The stars, The Snow and The Fire - an Alaska memoir by John Haines

Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

For the Life of the World by Alexander Schmemann

Current Obsessions:

Alaska: All things related to this last, vast, harsh, wild and beautiful frontier.

Finding a way to be healthy
: 6 days smoke free (and alcohol free, since it's hard to have a drink without a cigarette), Cooking and eating healthful foods, looking for a sport to take up (a 34-year-old friend of mine is taking on her 6th Triathlon of the summer this Saturday).


laura said...

I was beginning to think youwere mad at me;)

Glad to hear about your quit date! Mine is on the 12th. I've already cut back to less than 10 a day.

not bad, not bad...

Rachael said...

If I were upset with you I'd tell you. I don't play those silly I'm-ignoring-you, guess-what-I'm-thinking games.

I'm just really busy and my computer is mis-behaving.

laura said...


Ron said...

Hey Rachel -

What do you think of Last Child in the Woods? Melissa and I are reading it right now and I have to say I'm pretty convinced and think we've done Hannah quite the injustice by having her live in the city for so long. She's become quite the city girl and is horrified whenever I talk about moving out to a more rural area - even if we'd still be 10 minutes from downtown!